MoOvement UK

Our programme to fight global warming and help animal agriculture become part of the solution to climate change

The objective of our MoOvement UK programme is to validate Mootral Ruminant’s benefits with more farmers in the UK, kick-start the production of more climate-smart dairy, gain further insights to improve our solution for future applications, and create an even bigger positive impact for our climate!
That’s why we’re calling out to UK dairy farmers to join our MoOvement UK programme: Receive Mootral Ruminant for 6 months free of charge in exchange for farm data.

*We have reached our recruitment goal and closed our application form*


Your potential benefits at a glance*

Farmer benefits Mootral MoOvement UK

*The outlined benefits depend and vary on factors such as breed, feeding regime, age and farm management.

**Once Mootral Ruminant is purchased (commercial agreement)

Join our ‘MoOvement’ today

Who’s eligible?
  • Non organic UK dairy farms with more than 150 lactacting cows
  • Maximum of 6 months per year of grazing as main energy source
  • Able to provide historical data over 12 months on the milk performance and quality
  • Able to provide historical data over 3 years on intake and the diet composition of the cows
Our target is to feed Mootral Ruminant to 5’000 cows in the UK by 2022.

What's the cost?

If eligible, Mootral will fund the cost of ‘Mootral Ruminant’ for a 6 month period.

In exchange, we require you to

Feed Mootral Ruminant to your lactating herd

Report data on diet, yield and health

Grant us permission to use the data (anonymised) to validate benefits

Do you want to

  • Be part of the Mootral MoOvement?
  • Pioneer this exciting solution to climate change?
  • Improve the health and yield of your herd?
  • Produce climate smarter dairy products?

Apply now & become part of our MoOvement UK

Fill out the below questionnaire to assess your eligibility for our MOOvement UK programme. If eligible, you will be added to our waiting list for the start of our 2nd wave and we will notify you once we can add more cows to our programme.


Mootral Ruminant is a natural feed supplement based on garlic and citrus extract that reduced emissions from enteric fermentation. 

Produced in a pellet format, it can simply be added to the TMR or fed in the milking parlour.

Overview of our application process: 

  1. Fill out the registration form

  2. If eligible, join our video onboarding session

  3. Sign the mutual collaboration agreement with Mootral

  4. Receive Mootral Ruminant and start!



Keen to find out more about the science behind our solution?

Visit our science page! 

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