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Los Angeles – November 9, 2017 – Following a successful tour of Germany sharing ClimateSmart beef with thousands of innovators and consumers, Mootral is announcing the Farm For Ch nge Tour in Los Angeles where they will be food-trucking throughout the city and serving the world’s first Climate-Smart beef. Cows emit 300-500 liters of methane gas each day. When they eat Mootral, an all-natural feed supplement, those emissions are reduced by at least 30 percent. This means you can have your meat and eat it too, knowing that you’re helping the climate. Los Angeles was selected as the destination for the Farm For Ch nge Tour in North America and the Mootral Food Truck is partnering with Chef Michael Voltaggio to serve a Climate-Smart beef menu.

“The Farm For Ch nge Tour is designed to bring people together around solutions for the future of food and the environment by acknowledging and celebrating the realities of where we are today. On a global scale, livestock accounts for 15 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, consumers want and need meat and milk products. Cows are a crucial factor in our environmental ecosystem and the economy, since they transform biomass, such as grass, into essential nutrients for a growing population. With Mootral, we offer a solution which has an immediate, positive effect on the climate and the cow’s health.” said Group CEO of Zaluvida, Christoph Staeuble. “We chose to bring our climate-smart beef to Los Angeles as it is quickly becoming one of the major cleantech innovation hubs in the U.S. and Angelinos are known for paying attention to what they eat and what their food eats.”

Mootral is an all-natural feed supplement for livestock that is made from a proprietary formula including garlic powder and citrus extract. Not only does it result in at least 30 percent less methane emissions from the animals, it also promotes natural and healthy development of the animal. Climate-Smart beef is real meat from cows that were fed the Mootral supplement.

The Farm For Ch nge Tour in Los Angeles will include three locations around town:

Monday, November 13th
12777 W Jefferson Blvd, LA, 90066
3 pm – 7 pm

Tuesday, November 14th: Luna Cycles
1330 E Franklin Ave, El Segundo, CA 90245
12 pm – 3 pm

Wednesday, November 15th
2500 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90404
12 pm – 3 pm

“We chose to bring our climate-smart beef to Los Angeles as it is quickly becoming one of the major cleantech innovation hubs in the U.S. and Angelinos are known for paying attention to what they eat and what their food eats.”
Christoph Staeuble, Group CEO, Zaluvida

At each stop guests will be treated to a Climate-Smart beef menu from Chef Michael Voltaggio, best known as a winner of Top Chef and restaurateur of ink.well in Los Angeles. Mootral Food Truck guests will learn about different activities designed to achieve a sustainable livestock agriculture. It will be a true farm-to-fork experience at no cost to the guest.

“I’m looking forward to working with Mootral and introducing Los Angeles to Climate-Smart beef,” said Michael Voltaggio. “The dish we will be serving is designed to show consumers that Climate- Smart beef tastes great and helps the environment which is a win for everyone.”

Through its innovative, results-driven environmental focus, Mootral provides a new market mechanism which incentivizes methane reductions to be globally applied by incorporating both a Co wCredit and a new Climate-Smart Cow standard. Mootral is also giving consumers the opportunity to choose beef and dairy products that positively impact the environment.

For more information on Mootral and the Farm For Ch nge Tour, visit To RSVP for one of the Mootral stops visit

About Mootral:
Mootral is a Zaluvida Technology. By applying unique bioactive compounds in animal feed, Mootral reduces greenhouse gas emissions by the agricultural sector and enables increased revenues from climate-smart meat and dairy products. Therefore, Mootral facilitates the value of animal products and a more conscious consumption while simultaneously making a large contribution in reaching the set climate goals.

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