Released on June 21, the BusinessGreen Insight Report takes a close look at all companies that are offering solutions and technologies to limit methane emitted by cattle.

With more than 1.5 billion cattle on earth representing 15% of global emissions, and the Paris agreement in place, innovative solutions and a new market for agriculture technologies that reduce livestock emissions is growing rapidly. The report unveils the first comprehensive industry landscape of all the players addressing livestock emissions with new technologies that open up an entirely new industry with enormous potential.

Mootral, a technology developed by the Swiss-led life-science company Zaluvida, is mentioned as a frontrunner when it comes to delivering a climate-smart solution and a tangible, commercially scalable mechanism. According to Zaluvida Group CEO Christoph Staeuble Mootral is much more than a livestock feed supplement, reducing methane emissions by at least 30 percent.

Staeuble believes it is one of the most compelling opportunities for farmers to improve their pro fitability: “Farmers are
already doing a lot more to reduce greenhouse gases than they are given credit for. With Mootral they could do even
more whilst finally getting financial rewards for their efforts by means of higher prices for climate-friendly beef and dairy products.” “The need to reduce livestock emissions in order to foster a healthier climate must involve and benefit
all players: businesses, farmers and consumers”, said Michael Mathres, President of Zaluvida’s Mootral division, “The
difference between us and our competitors is that we see the commercial side as a crucial component to reach the
globally agreed climate objectives.”



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