A Dutch family farm with a focus on animal welfare and sustainability

The Stokman dairy farm in Koudum, The Netherlands, is an innovative farm with a focus on animal welfare and sustainability, managed by Anton Stokman and his family.
Anton Stokman and family

The farm operates a Free Choice system that allows the herd of 300 cows to manage their time as they like. Waterbeds, robotic milking and free access to an outdoor grass field with a pond  in summer keep the cows happy and healthy, while regular foot baths and professional foot care keep the incidence of lameness extremely low.

Sustainability and environmental protection are also key issues:

Both Ammonia and CO2 levels in Anton’s Farm are measured and recorded continuously. Anton’s objective has been to reduce his farm’s emissions as much as possible. The farm has procedures and equipment in place to reduce emissions from slurry. It operates a manure digester that provides green energy to sustainably heat 250 houses in the family business’ home area, Koudum.

Mootral has partnered with Anton to measure the methane emission level in his farm 24/7 and gain valuable insights about how to reduce his total methane gas emissions originating from enteric fermentation.


Anton’s farm was the first dairy unit in the Netherlands to be accredited with the “Green Mark Facility.” This is awarded by the Dutch Government’s Environmental Department and includes awards for the best environmental solution to a problem. The farm is a member of
  • the farm assurance scheme Foqus, which is audited and certified by an independent organization and covers key aspects such as food safety, and animal health and welfare. 
  • the independently inspected Qarant farm assurance scheme, which covers key aspects such as food safety, animal health and welfare.

Finalist for the Dutch EZK Energy Award 2020

The EZK Energy Award is an initiative from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate that honors companies which are at the forefront of sustainable energy. Once a year the jury nominates pioneering companies from the Netherlands that distinguish themselves in the fields of energy saving, sustainable energy generation and / or the use of renewable heat. Our flagship farmer Anton Stokman has been selected as one of three finalists. The jury was inspired by his pioneering and first-mover investment into circular green technology: His manure digester supplies 3000’000 m2 of green gas to the grid every year.
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