For this UK farm, constant innovation and quality milk have been the key focus

Brades Farm is a dairy farm in the Lancaster district, UK. It is managed by 2 generations of the Towers family, a family that for generations has farmed the valleys in the area.

They developed a specialty barista milk, the perfect milk for coffee used by top coffee shops across the UK.

While maintaining a high animal welfare standard with sand bedding and free access to pasture for the Jersey cows, the Towers family also focuses on sustainability.

Enteric fermentation related methane emissions have been Brades Farm’s highest carbon footprint element to tackle. Therefore, Mootral has been partnering with them to effectively address their number one priority. Mootral Ruminant enabled them to take a big step towards becoming much more climate-smart by reducing their methane GHG emissions caused by enteric fermentation by 30%.

Their herd of Holstein Friesian and Jersey cows have been fed Mootral Ruminant since 2018, the year we conducted our first commercial trial together (see the summary here).

“From a farming perspective, being a farmer isn’t just a job, it’s your life, 24/7. It’s part of who we are and has been passed on through generations. For us, it’s important that the land and animals we care about can continue to thrive and grow for future generations to enjoy. Climate change is something we can’t and shouldn’t ignore. From a global perspective, the population is growing and we need to find healthy, sustainable ways to feed a growing population. As ruminant production is responsible for approximately 14.5% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, promising breakthroughs in this area have tremendous potential to be a major step in the fight against climate change.

We produce a specialist barista milk for some of the country’s top coffee shops. The ethos and values of the coffee scene consumer base tend to be environmentally focussed. They are quite discerning about their environmental impact. We want to push back and show our industry has a responsible attitude when it comes to the environment. By showing that we can reduce emissions not only allows us to proactively engage with the debate about the status quo, but it also shows that we have a progressive mentality and want to constantly improve our footprint, irrespective of how well it competes with the alternatives.”

– The Towers family

Mootral is a Swiss Agritech company that develops innovative, scalable and sustainable solutions for the agricultural systems of tomorrow.



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