Climate-friendly milk made with mootral now available to british consumers

Climate-friendly milk available to british consumers

Climate-friendly milk now available to British consumers

Rolle, Switzerland, April 14th 2021

Environmentally conscious latte lovers will be able to make climate-friendly coffees at home, as a revolutionary new premium milk is made available to consumers. 

Previously the secret ingredient for top baristas at specialist coffee shops such as Saint Espresso and Kiss the Hippo, Brades Farm Barista Milk is now used in all dairy-based coffees at high-end bakery chain GAIL’s. The climate-smart milk is also now available to buy for home use in two litre bottles from all GAIL’s outlets nationwide and its online shop, as well as in specialist online grocery store Butlers’ Larder.
The milk is produced in Lancashire from cows fed on Mootral Ruminant, a cattle feed supplement developed in Wales.

The 100% natural supplement, containing compounds from garlic and extracts of citrus, has been proven to aid digestion in cows and cut methane emissions from their burps by up to 38%, while naturally increasing yield and enabling the production of climate-friendly milk and beef.  
The potential to produce environmentally friendly milk could provide a significant boost for Britain’s dairy farmers at a time when more and more people are questioning the impact of the food and drink they consume. 

Mootral is currently ramping up its operations to work with more forward-thinking partners, such as supermarkets and quick service chains, in a bid to get as many farmers as possible feeding the supplement to their cows, ideally at no cost. 

 It’s estimated that if all 1.5 billion cows in the world ate Mootral Ruminant for a year, the reduction in methane emissions would be equivalent to taking 330 million cars off the road,* making Mootral one of the most scalable solutions in the fight against climate

Thomas Hafner, CEO of Mootral, said: “Our collaboration in the heart of Lancashire at family-owned Brades Farm has been a great success, cutting methane emissions while boosting milk yields and providing a premium product for the climate-conscious dairy drinker.
Whether you’re an everyday consumer, a farmer, an investor or a corporate company – the realisation that we need to act now when it comes to climate change has never been greater. 
Our objective is to get the highest possible number of farmers using Mootral’s feed supplement in the shortest possible time, and our vision for the company is to provide Mootral Ruminant at no cost to farmers. From CowCredits to green milk production, to climate-friendly beef, Mootral’s benefits are apparent across sectors, making it a serious, long-term scalable solution in the fight against climate change.”change currently available.


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