Incentivising business, individuals, farmers and the broader industry to take action and enabling the agricultural sector to account for its emissions reduction credibly

Mootral has developed the world’s first methodology under the VCS program approved by VERRA for quantifying and monitoring methane reductions from ruminants.

By feeding Mootral Ruminant, farmers and their cows can be part of our CowCredit carbon projects and generate voluntary carbon credits. Each of those credits equal a reduction of 1 tonne of CO2 equivalent.
We call those carbon credits “CowCredits”. CowCredits are unique credits that are generated based on a reduction of methane from enteric fermentation – world’s first of their kind!

These carbon credits create value for everyone: farmers, the beef and dairy industry, consumers, governments as well as offering high-quality carbon offset solutions for other industries.

CowCredits are issued by Verra, a non-profit organisation and one of the world’s biggest standards for certifying carbon emissions reductions. As more companies and governments are looking to reduce emissions, strategies, technologies and financial solutions such as our CowCredits are an important part of the fight against climate change.

CowCredits drive finance into agricultural projects that provide an immediate, permanent and measurable impact on mitigating climate change – at a local level.

Find out more about our carbon projects and carbon credits, as well as our carbon methodology below!



Learn more about the benefits of our Carbon Projects and Carbon Credits


Read more about the methodology that makes it all possible

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